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Pattern making, grading and Marking is done by using GGT, a renowned CAD software in apparel industry. Our professional team carefully develops patterns to meet the fits and design of the product. Comfort of the user is one of our top priority.

R&D Sampling

This section is dedicated to product development and sampling according to the market trends and customer's requirements. The development work is carried out by highly trained design and marketing teams who keep close liaison with customers and conduct market research and analysis thus equipping themselves with latest and upcoming fashion trends. These marketing teams are supported by highly skilled stitchers and laundry experts who can transform our customer's innovations and imaginations into an attractive and sellable product. We have deployed an independent set of high quality machines and wet processing infrastructure for samples and product development.


Cutting section equipped with highly efficient End and Band Knife Cutters, has capacity of approximately 8,000 pairs of basic five pocket jeans per day.


Highly skilled and dedicated teams of workers, equipped with efficient and environmental friendly machinery, are entrusted with this responsibility of materializing cutomer's requirements into consistent bulk production. We have a diversified fields of work that caters basics, semi-fashions and fashions in niche markets of Boys, Mens, Girls and Ladies wear and our production team voraciously come up to our customer's expectations.
We employ full time industrial engineers and quality control experts who continuously monitor the complete production process, in terms of time-motion studies, costing parameters and quality issues, to remove the distortions which can impede the smooth flow of production cycle. This in turn facilitates the timely execution of orders and deliveries to the customers.


Garment washing is a novel process to impart worn-out look to modify the appearance and to improve the comfortability of the garment. Dry and wet processing is the heart of any denim manufacturing business to enhance the aesthetic of denim wear. We have highly sophisticated washing machines and allied infrastructure in our laundry to provide various finishes to the product. Our washing team is knowledgeable and can handle a wide range of fabrics and optics.


Company is quality centric and consistency of products and process is ensured by all means. An elaborate Quality Management system based on ISO 9001 is forcefully implemented by the quality control staff at all steps of production, finishing and packing.


Upon reaching our finishing and packing facility, Each garment is inspected for quality and accuracy before being forwarded for packing.
Packing is carried out while strictly adhering to all client requirements and specifications.