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Quality Control

At Musterhaft we commit our best resources to ensure quality of our products. We have developed a QC system to manage the quality of our products and services.

Raw materials are selected very carefully, apart from meeting Product Specifications, Product Conformance and Industry Related Guidelines/ Regulations are monitored stringently

We have benchmarked our procurements against such available Textiles standards and guidelines as Oketex100 and Reach. At MPL entire Production Processes are monitored for continual improvements and control. No Shipments are delivered without Final Inspections/Audits as per customer requirement.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Musterhaft Private Limited has strived to be a Socially Responsible Company. Over the years we have invested heavily in this area and is a source of pride and satisfaction for us and our Business Partners. We always strive to keep ourselves informed of the concerns and Norms of International Business. Resources are committed to respond to these concerns of our Business Partners in order to reduce risks and provide a sustainable business model. The major initiative include Energy Efficiency, Carbon Foot Print Monitoring, Water Conservation, Environmental Protection and Social Accountability

We have adopted ISO 9001, ISO 14000, BSCI and SEDEX to demonstrate our commitment to Quality Management, Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation & Social Accountability